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Do you have fabric scraps left from craft projects that you would love to do something with, but you are out of ideas? Below there are ways to repurpose fabric scraps into unique decorations or practical items for the home.

Have your sewing machine ready with coordinating threads or choose one of these fun and easy projects that do not require you to sew at all!

Let’s take a look at the top ten ways to upcycle those bits and pieces of fabric you haven’t have the heart to discard.

Projects With Leftover Fabric

  1. Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments

Turn scrap fabric pieces into adorable ornaments for a mini tree or use them to tie onto gifts to create a unique handmade touch.

This project is perfect to do with older kids. Let kids pick out and cut their favorite fabric scraps and ribbon and let an adult do the quick stitching on a machine to finish them off.

So collect a pile of fabric scraps and sit down to make these delightful tree decorations that everyone will enjoy!

  1. Reusable Snack Bags

Tired of the waste plastic snack bags create? Sew simple to make reusable snack bags featuring a clear window so kids can see the snack inside.

These cute bags make eating healthy snacks more fun!

Recycle that old vinyl tablecloth into appealing bags that keep snacks contained and are the right size for small hands.

  1. Quilted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Turn your scrap fabric into these charming quilted ornaments in the shape of tiny Christmas trees.

Use these quick-sew decorations as ornaments for a tree or wreath. Tie them on to wrapped gifts for an added keepsake.

The variety of looks you can achieve is endless. These quilted trees are so fun and easy to make you may have a hard time stopping!

  1. Baby Mobile

This whimsical fabric scrap mobile will make an original baby shower gift or be an adorable decoration to hang in a child’s room.

This no-sew project involves wrapping, tying and gluing strips of fabric scraps.

Make this beautiful retro-looking crib mobile and give a child something engaging to gaze at when it is time for them to unwind.

  1. Light Switch Covers

Change your boring light switch covers into room-brightening decor with fabric scraps that complement your rooms color scheme.

This straightforward project involves decoupaging fabric over the switch plate. Make delightful covers that match every room in the house.

  1. Advent Calendar

Creating an Advent calendar out of fabric scraps is an excellent way to repurpose them into a family tradition.

Sew up 25 cute, easy-to-fill pockets in any fabric variety you like then add a hanging loop.

Between inexpensive “gifts” for the pockets and the free fabric scraps, this is a low-cost craft that will provide years of holiday cheer.

  1. Cake Flags

Make celebrating important occasions even more memorable! Use fabric scraps to make these quirky flags that will dress up cakes, cupcakes, and more.

Constructing these reusable flags is super easy. Make them in any color or theme your heart desires. The best part is the flags can bend to “wave” however you wish.

  1. Fabric and Ribbon Garland

This garland looks so distinctive that you may end up making one themed for each holiday and one to match your everyday decor!

This design involves tying strips of fabric onto coordinating or contrasting ribbon. The length of the finished garland is up to you.

This garland will add a bohemian-chic vibe to your home that is truly unique.

  1. No Sew Fabric Basket

This idea requires no sewing yet creates an exclusive-looking woven basket. Use them to hold your knitting supplies, magazines, extra towels, remote controls, and more. They make ideal gift baskets too!

Tear fabric scraps into strips and weave them through the holes of any size basket you choose. Just tie on another fabric strip until you reach the end. The frayed edges and knots add to the charm.

  1. Fall Wreath

Make a fall wreath everyone will admire by adding fabric scrap decorations in the colors of autumn for this no-cost addition to your seasonal decor.

Wrap pieces around your wreath for added color. Roll up fabric scraps into flowers and cut out leaves. Make a nice banner if you wish. Attach the decorations with hot glue and show off your creativity!

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