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It’s travel season again. And anyone who travels often knows how difficult it can be to keep all their belongings together and organized. Follow these sewing tutorials to make these travel items and solve that problem.

You’ll learn to sew the 5 best items to keep your stuff organized and easily accessible. From accessories to dirty clothes, keep it all where it needs to be.

These easy projects will come together quickly. Some can even be made with larger scraps. Make them as plain or decorative as you like. Having these trusty bags will set you up for a highly organized trip.

1) Jewelry Bag

Taking accessories on the road can be difficult. A jewelry bag can keep it all organized and easily accessible.

Making the interior pockets of clear vinyl will help you to know what’s in each pocket without needing to dig through each one.


Two 12.5” x 3” and one 11” x 2.5” pieces of fabric, two 14” zippers, outer fabric and lining pieces 14” x 11”, two pieces clear vinyl 11” x 4”.


  1. Attach zippers to the top edge of each vinyl piece. Cut excess zipper to the edge of the vinyl
  2. Place zippered vinyls at the top and middle of the lining piece. Stitch in place at the top edge of the zipper
  3. To divide the vinyl pouches into smaller pockets, stitch single fold bias tape down over the vinyl. Don’t use pins in the vinyl. Transparent tape holds the pieces together without damaging the vinyl
  4. Stitch single fold bias tape across the bottom of vinyl pouches to close them off
  5. Fold your three rectangles in half, length-wise, right side together. Stitch long edge creating tubes. Turn tubes right side out
  6. Stuff smallest tube by rolling stuffing and use a stick to push stuffing into the tube. Close ends
  7. Add a snap or Velcro to the tube end and to the lining ½” from the edge
  8. Press larger tubes flat, centering seam. These will be the exterior handles
  9. Place one handle 1” from the top edge of the jewelry bag and one 1/3 of the way from the bottom
  10. Sew bias tape around the edge to finish – mitering corners
  11. Fill with jewelry. You’re good to go

2) Zippered Bags

These are great for everything small, like makeup items, which tend to get lost in your luggage.


12” zipper, outer fabric and lining pieces 14” x 14”.


  1. Lay outer fabric and lining, right sides together, matching edges
  2. Stitch long edges together. Turn right side out
  3. Fold in half, matching top and bottom edges, lining out. Sew zipper across the top. Trim excess zipper
  4. Turn pouch right side out

3) Draw-string Bag

When you need to keep things organized inside your suitcase or trunk, these fit the bill nicely.


Two pieces of fabric 10” x 13”, two pieces of ribbon 24” long, safety pins for threading ribbon.


  1. Line up fabric pieces right sides together. Short sides will be top and bottom. Sew side and bottom edges together, leaving 1/2” opening on both sides 1/2” from the top of the project. This will be the track for the ribbon closures
  2. Fold top edge down 1/4”. Press. Hem top edge all the way around
  3. Fold hemmed edge down again 1” and sew along hemstitching to create a pocket for the ribbon to be threaded through. Turn right side out
  4. Use safety pin attached to one end of the ribbon to thread the ribbon through the pocket from left to right. Tie ends together. Repeat with the second ribbon from tight to the left
  5. Now, you have a bag that will close when you pull the knots of the ribbon away from the center

4) Mesh Bag

These bags are great for keeping dirty clothes separate from clean clothes inside your luggage.

They can be made like the zippered pouch or the drawstring bag.

A 15” x 20” bag is recommended for 8 clothing items.

5) Toiletry case

Perfect for toothbrush and makeup essentials or shaving kit, this zippered case will keep it all together.


  • Two pieces of outer fabric and lining 16” x 10”
  • One piece of outer fabric 4” x 10”
  • One 14” zipper


  1. Sandwich zipper between the right sides of outer fabric and lining. Sew in place along edges of the fabric.
  2. Sew lining edges, leaving a 3” space in the middle of the seam. Sew outer fabric edges.
  3. Flatten sections and sew ends from center to edge on both the outer fabric and lining.
  4. Using the 4” strip, fold in edges by 1/2”, press. Fold in half, press. Sew two seam lines down length of strip at 1/2″ from sides.
  5. Cut 1” square from each corner of top and bottom edges of fabric and lining. Sew lining corners at diagonal. Sew bottom fabric corners at diagonal.
  6. Place strap into fabric through corner cut. Line up strap ends with top corner cuts. Sew at diagonal on both corners.
  7. Turn right side out by tucking fabric section through the open section of the lining. Sew opening in lining. Test zipper for function.

If you enjoyed these sewing tutorials, and are looking for more ideas, contact us or visit our webpage to read more.

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