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Hand Embroidering a T-shirt

Adding a simple embroidery to a baby onesie, a T-shirt, or another item made of stretchy fabric can be quite easy to do, provided you prepare correctly. One of the most significant challenges people face when embroidering on a stretchy T-shirt fabric is that often the design might become distorted when the material is stretched […]

The Essential Measurements for Sewing Pants

Fit is everything when it comes to sewing your pants. Getting it slightly off can make a big difference between the pair that lives in the drawer and the pair you wear all the time. Getting it just right will ensure you take careful and accurate measurements before you cut the first piece of material. […]

How to Use a Sloper

Slopers can be a little bit of a mystery, even for the most experienced sewer. Most theoretically understand what they are, but never how to use them. If you don’t have a creative bone in you, then it’s possible to buy them.  So, What is a Sloper? It’s a handy tool used by many sewers […]

Using Sloper to Change Patterns

It’s extremely rewarding been a seamstress. There is certainly nothing better than being able to turn a beautiful piece of fabric into a lovely piece of clothing. Whether it’s lace, denim, chenille, suede, chambray, cotton, or any other material that you fancy, sitting at the sewing machine and using an excellent sewing pattern to make […]

How to: The Art of Sashiko

Sashiko is more than just sewing or applying stitches to old clothes. It is the art of telling a story through mending fabrics mindfully and adding a touch of beauty to an old garment.  Initially used in pre-industrial Japan to give a second life to old clothes, Sashiko is today captivating the eyes and hearts […]

Sewing Tips That Do Not Require a Machine 

Tips That Beginners Need to Know Inspiration can come from anywhere. The right fix for inspiration in a new field is getting started without investing a great deal. To begin building skills, start with mastering the fundamentals.  What follows is a primer for mastering the basics of thread control. Fundamentals include learning what to include […]

How to Make a Face Mask to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Be Sure to Protect Yourself and Others Amid the ever-growing public health concerns, the CDC has advised that individuals wear face masks when entering public spaces such as supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants. Recent research has been conducted on the effectiveness of masks against spreading the virus. Upon review, it has been determined that wearing […]

Setting Sewing Resolutions for the New Year

Start the New Year with Some Great Sewing Resolutions The beginning of a new year presents a perfect opportunity to set sewing resolutions. Whether you sew professionally or as a hobby, goals will help you. Beginner sewists and those who have been doing it for years can all use the New Year’s momentum to propel […]

5 Cool Etsy Sewing Projects You Should Try Out

Let’s Dive into Our Favorite Etsy Sewing Projects for Beginners You don’t have to be a professional to complete a hand-sewn project. If you’re looking for something unique to create, there are several Etsy sewing projects for you to choose from. In this article, you will learn about some great listings, and you may find […]