The beautiful Pincushion

Do you love sewing? If you do, then you should have your own pincushion by your side as the best sewist has. Besides, there might not be a better idea that to sew it yourself.

Here, you will find a detailed step by step description of how to create lovely pincushion for you; you will be inspired by beautiful ideas and functional sewing craft that might help you get organized. Now you can keep your needle and pins in one place!

You might see that you can sew from animal patterns such as a porcupine to wearable accessories, including watches and rings, etc. On the other hand, sewing pincushions is also a fun way to make a dent in your fabric stash, as the projects use only small amounts of fabric. These fun sewing projects would also make creative gift ideas for the sewists in your life.

If you have no experience in sewing or you are just starting, don´t worry! This pincushion is quite simple for you to do make. Later on, you can begin practicing different shapes with different patterns.

Materials for One Pincushion:

  • 1 Canning Jar (any size works),
  • 6” X 6” Fabric Scrap,
  • Batting,
  • Needle and Thread,
  • Hot Glue Gun,
  • A piece of cardboard or felt,
  • Scissors.

Assemble the Pincushion:

Step 1: to begin with, you should round out the edges of the 6 x 6 piece of fabric. This might not be perfect so do not worry about that! Then you need to take the needle and thread and make a loose running stitch around the inside edge of the fabric.

If you want to use a sewing machine, you should set it on the longest stitch length and stitch around the outer edge.

Finally, gather the thread by pulling it up.

Step 2: in this case, you have to stuff some batting into the fabric circle until it is nice and puffy.

*Hint: If you have any wool batting, this makes the best pin cushion stuffing because the lanolin from the wool helps your pins go into fabric better.

After that, you should put the lid on the bottom of the puffy circle and then pull the gathering threads tighter.

If you see that it is no puffy enough then you can add some more batting until you get the puffiness you like.

Step 3: In this step, you will have to stick the parts so hot glue the fabric to the bottom of the lid to help it hold in the right place.

Remember to make sure to trim the thread tails.

Next, you might cut a circle of fabric from either the cardboard or felt and traced the inner circle of the jarring.

To finish this step, you should hot glue the felt or cardboard to the bottom side of the lid to cover the raw edges.

Step 4: To complete the steps you need to push the pincushion into the jarring and fill the jars with buttons, sewing notions, pins, or even candy. Afterward, you can top with some adorable pins.

Now you can enjoy your new pincushion. Be creative and explore different shapes and patterns, make all the adjustment you like and feel free to combine colors as you want!

If you think it was useful and you want to know more about the sewing world and get more ideas to do at home, please contact us. Or visit our webpage to read more.

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