Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth Hartman

Do you have any favorite quilt designers?

One of my favorite quilt designers is Elizabeth Hartmann. She has devised a whole range of bold, graphic, fanciful animal quilts. No applique, no paper piecing, just simple sewing and a great result.
Got a favorite animal? She’s got you covered.

Know a cat lover? My niece’s new baby girl looks adorable lying on her light blue kitten quilt. I even customized the kitties to look like my niece’s cats. I’m sure she’s going to grow up to love that quilt.
My daughter wanted a hedgehog as a pet. I’m just not going there, but I did make her a super-cute hedgehog wall hanging. Almost as good as a live one, am I right?

I happen to love whales. My Preppy the Whale quilt has been hanging in the store for a while – It was even offered as a class recently. I love the quilt, but I’ve also used the whales to add a touch of happiness to the back of a quilt, and added a ring of whales as a border on a medallion quilt.

Best of all, a cheery dachshund pattern is just out. And the dogs are wearing sweaters. How awesome is that? Store samples are on the way!
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