Christmas Tree decoration

It is December already. If you look around, you are going to find many ornaments and decorations that remind you it almost Christmas time. Most people believe it is a time for reflection, getting together with the family and enjoy the holidays as much as possible.

When thinking about preparations for Christmas, a lot of things come to mind. Not only food is essential and presents but also decorations. You need to find a perfect tree and arrange your house to make it more festive and provide a holly environment for family and friends.

There is a new tendency that involves handmade presents and decorations which are more than welcome in modern times. They might show dedication, hard work, and good intention when giving them or when using them at home.

It cannot be denied that sewing projects are an original and practical idea to create unique things. It gives you the possibility of expanding our imagination, consider the person who is going to receive it or else who is going to see and appreciate it as decoration.
Christmas sewing projects would make the most fantastic time of the year even more fantastic. You might find projects to sew, free patterns for Christmas ornaments, and a variety of other projects you might enjoy.

Let´s have a look at some great ideas for you to do at home and delight your family and friends. You would probably be the envy of all of them!

If this is a discovery for you, I will recommend, to begin with, simple things, so you can practice before going bigger. You might start with some tablecloths with simple patterns and forms to gain some experience and practice.

5 Easy and Practical Ideas to Do at Home

1. Tablecloths

This might be the easiest way to start creating and dressing your Christmas table. There are plenty of possibilities for you to experiment. It is important to bear in mind the colors you are planning to use and the size of each element. Try to avoid complicates patterns or drawings, as they are going to be set on a table, people might not notice small details because plates and glasses might cover most of your work.

  • Doily Tablecloth: a cloth made from rows of stitched-together doilies.
  • Tree Bottle Cover: you might use it at your table or as a lovely present with a good wine inside. Dress the bottle with a festive felt tree bottle covers.
  • Trim a tree: you can decorate a foam cone with assorted green yo-yos to make small trees to put on your dinner table

2. Stockings

This is probably one of the most popular ornaments that you can find related to Christmas and presents, but sometimes you see that they are quite simple or, may be expensive. So why don’t you make stockings by yourself? There are some cute models you can use as Christmas gifts or decorate your home.

  • Keepsake Stockings: an innovative idea to mark a baby’s first Christmas
  • Jingle-Bell Stockings: you can felt them with pierced detailing and holiday bells and hand from the mantel
  • Homemade Christmas Stockings: they are made from wood fabric, knit cord, and a shrunken sweater. (easier than what they seem! )

3. Tree ornaments

People might find that tree selection, and decoration is not an easy task. You need to picture it in your mind before buying the elements you like, just to prevent yourself from making a disaster. Maybe, it is an excellent chance to create your ornaments, choose sizes and colors as you please.

  • Scalloped Felt Tree Skirt: conceal a lovely tree with a scalloped tree skirt made of felt
  • Fabric Bird Tree Topper: you might want to use birds decorated with beautiful and colorful feather and beads
  • Merry-Go-Round Tree Skirt: six-sized tree skirt using novelty prints

4. Clothes

Clothes might be a thoughtful idea to give as Christmas presents. They represent warmth, care, and dedication to your loved ones. What would be a better idea than giving them handmade clothes? They show how much you care and think about them.

  • Holiday bow ties: classic gentleman’s gift
  • Felted- sweater hand mitten: you can recycle an old sweater and create a new pair of mitten for you or somebody in your family
  • Holiday Apron: use eyelet embellishment and a gift-wrapped pocket to provide a better look to it.
  • Jingle- Bell Slippers: ideal for little kids. Make a pair or store-bought slippers- Adorne them with marry bells and place some presents inside. Kids will love them.

5. Home decoration.

This is a fantastic opportunity to decorate your home and make it more cozy and comfortable for your holiday visitors. Plenty of ideas and designs are used to recreate a friendly atmosphere.

  • Pillows

– Comfort and Joy Pillows: you can truck treats and Christmas greens to embellish the pillows

– Jolly Holiday Pillows: Pleats and ruching dress up a festive pair of Christmas-theme pillows

– Berry Sweet: f traditional needle-turn appliqué

– Round the Holidays: Dresden-style pieces and trapunto add dimension to a festive pillow.

  • “Rudolph” Sock dog: it might not take you a lot of time. You would need basic sewing skills to turn a pair of stray socks into a cuddly canine.
  • Snowman Door Hanger: Cotton scraps, buttons, and batting for the snowman’s body give this delightful jingle-bells door hanger one-of-a-kind character.
  • Warm Wishes Mitten Hanging: cherry felted-wool mitten to give away or hang on your Christmas tree.
  • Season’s Greetings: you might hang this drawstring bag on the front door to welcome visitors.
  • Days of Christmas Banner: with each pear ornament bearing an embroidered phrase from the much-loved carol.
  • Mitten Stocking: Hand-stitch holiday motifs to a mitten shape for a stocking to hide presents or a cute gift for your friends.
  • Season’s Tidings: knot fabric strips around a wire frame for a custom look. This can be used as your door decor.
  • Snack for Santa: an adorable snack mat just for Santa. Fusible-web appliqués on a cookie plate and a milk glass labeled with embroidered words.
  • Merry and Bright Tree Skirt: you do not have to use traditional color, so try a different color palette for modern flair.

For Christmas, you can demonstrate your family and friends how much you love them by using your imagination as well as your creativity to make beautiful ornaments and decorations to honor them. Your house looks will change, and you might also find original gifts to give in this holiday.

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