Lori Fitzgerald By: Patti Rue

Lori Fitzgerald By: Patti Rue

If you’ve been a customer of Quilters’ Choice for a while, you may have noticed a few changes lately. Maybe you’ve walked in the store and noted the new clean, cool, coastal vibe. Wandering by our racks of beautiful new fabrics, you may have seen more knits, lawns, rayons and chambrays. Or maybe you’ve glanced through our packed class schedule and seen more classes for garment sewing, and sophisticated purses and tote bags. And our new name reflects all the changes we’re making! We’re now The Inspired Sewist.

Who’s behind all these changes? Meet Lori. Lori is a relatively new quilter. She made her first quilt when she retired from her former career. That quilt is laying in a trunk at home as it was made with the slightly less than optimal fabrics and tools a big box fabric store might offer. When Lori wandered into her local quilt store (a BERNINA dealer!) and discovered the difference that high quality fabrics, notions and a magnificent sewing machine could make, she was hooked. A few months later, newly relocated to Martin County, Lori was a Quilters’ Choice customer. She liked us so much, she bought the store!

Lori has a vision of what she wants the store to be, and the new name, The Inspired Sewist, reflects that vision. “I want to provide inspiration, education, and the best materials and tools as I can. I want my customers to be as excited about sewing, and engaged in the process as I am.” Lori is excited about garment sewing, and loves the sophisticated purses and tote bags that we now offer as classes.

What do we know about Lori on a personal level? This girl is fearless! “Quilters’ Choice was a wonderful store. Their fabric was awesome, the staff was the best imaginable, and their customers were eager to learn. It was a great quilt store. I wanted to keep all of that, but add a layer of garment and craft sewing. I knew we had the knowledge base from our staff, and I hoped our customers had the appetite for my changes. So far, it’s all been coming together just as I imagined. We’re only going to get better!”

She’s also a warm and fun loving individual. When you come by the store, be sure to share your projects and interests with Lori. She’s sure to give you a smile, or a joke or a hug. You’re sure to walk away as a friend.