A knitted scarf

It is almost winter, and you are probably thinking about nice and cozy clothes you would like to wear this season. There are plenty of possibilities for you to sew and home. You can create your own designs and patterns.

Keeping you and you people warm should be a “must” this winter and now you can add your own style to gloves, hats and scarfs. It is an original gift and also a way of showing love and affection.

You may think that making gloves, hats or scarf could be quite difficult to fulfill by yourself. That is not entirely true; you can perfectly well design and create your own models.

To begin, you should decide what color or colors and pattern you are going to use. It is crucial to visualize or maybe draw a sketch to have a clear picture of what you want to do. Working on a drawing would be very favorable to write details and sizes.

Do not try to make all your ideas at once. Firstly you should practice with simple designs. Little by little you will get used to the techniques and methods you are going to use. Make sure you enjoy what you do and try to find things you would like to wear.

The options are diverse, let´s state some excellent alternatives to start sewing and to have a reference to what is being worn.


Sewing scarfs would be the easiest way to start.  It might be a simple idea to learn how to sew many of them to wrap around your neck for as a stylish and handmade accessory.

Moreover, They are quick to sew so you can make more than one in a short period and you might try different colors.

In order to start, you might need

  • Selected fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors and pins

When choosing the fabric, you should buy a lightweight to midweight linen, cotton or chambray which better for wovens. On the other hand, if you use knits, it would be ideal to consider double knits, ponte and jersey.

As you are experimenting with it, try using lightweight fabrics like rayon or silk. They are easier to handle and they look more delicate or sophisticated.


Hat making seems always to be a trend. Many models and sizes are display for you to choose.

Here, you will find a list of them to have a look and select the one you prefer.

  • Sun Bonnet with a Ruffle:  a cute hat for toddlers or young children
  • A Toddler’s Fluted Edge Hat
  • A Hooded Scarf
  • Easy Fleece Hats to Make
  • a Mini Top Hat
  • a Fedora Hat
  • Hat Shapers
  • Baseball Cap
  • Chef’s Hat

Hats might be a perfect present for kids and children as well as women, especially for this winter.


As it was said scarfs are easy to make, Gloves might be quite the opposite. This could be because of the shape and maybe size. The most challenging part would be the fitting so you would have to test- fit it before cutting the cloth

You can decide to make them by hand if you do not have a sewing machine. But the steps are similar. Before cutting the material, you have to size them to your hand.

  1. Glove Body
  2. Thumb
  3. Ring finger gusset
  4. Middle finger gusset
  5. Forefinger gusset
  6. The gussets lay in a “V” shape between the fingers.

*Tip: Make your first glove out of interfacing or scrap fabric.

Use your imagination and creativity to make the best of your sewing. Fantastic ideas can come up for you and anyone you would like to give a present too. If you want it and you become good at it, you may even have a job opportunity or extra money for these holidays.

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