Our Team

Meet our team of talented sewing enthusiasts

Roxanne McElhaney

A loyal BERNINA user, Roxanne was surrounded by sewing her entire life. When she was barely five, her mother taught her the outline embroidery stitch, and it’s been a love affair with sewing ever since.

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Nan Wakefield

Nan especially enjoys introducing and teaching new students to the wonderful world of quilting and sewing. Nan is an expert in the world of BERNINA sewing machines. 


Lori Fitzgerald

One day, Lori was in a fabric shop and overheard that Quilters’ Choice was for sale. The rest is history. Now known as The Inspired Sewist, Lori’s sprinkled her enthusiasm and visions upon the staff and customers. 

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Carol Irwin

Carol comes from a family where sewing was a form of passing down knowledge. Her first sewing machine, a Singer, came from her Great Aunt, and it was the first toe-dip into a lifetime of love for fabrics, needles, and scissors.

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Kathleen Hmiel

At the moment, my biggest hobby is sewing. I also enjoy gardening. I joined an Orchid Society and I’m growing orchids. Everything in my yard was planted by me! I also love to read or watch a good movie as my downtime.

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Chelle Meyers

Chelle was always fascinated with the magic of needles and fabrics and began learning how to sew in the 5th grade. She took classes throughout school and later took up quilting in the 80’s. She loves sewing, embroidering, knitting, and crocheting. 

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George Stiffe

George worked for BERNINA for three years and then became a certified technician in 1995. He has been with Quilters’ Choice/The Inspired Sewist since 1999. 

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Melany Armand

Melany has a love for quilting, sewing, all things crafty and reading. She has a smile a mile wide and wonderful, positive outlook on life.