Sewing for a Cause

Have you ever thought about helping others using your sewing skills? Sometimes you have some extra minutes to spare or additional fabrics from previous works plus a bit of generosity. This combination can be very useful for charity. Here, you will find several sewing charities where you can contribute.

Children at hospital

Ryan´s Case for Smiles is in charge of making children and families feel a bit better while being at hospitals. It is known that hospitals are quite scary especially for children, being there can be frightening and overwhelming for them when they are experiencing an illness or injury.  Ryan´s Case for Smiles creates fantastic pillowcases to decorate the rooms and promote the “helping kids feel better to heal better” mission.

If you are interested in making these pillowcases, try locating the Ryan’s Case for Smiles place where you are and be assessed on how to make your own pillowcases.

Special Blankets

There are some special blankets filled with non-toxic poly pellets with enough weight to calm children and adults who are suffering any kind of sleeping problem. The problems might be connected to autism or any other Sensory Processing Disorder stress condition.

The organization Sharing the Weight made and delivered around 2,000 blankets to many families in the US and five foreign countries. However, it does not seem to be a lot due to many blankets are still needed. So if you happened to have an extra piece of cloth, you are welcome to help the organization with your donation. They collect any washable fabric with a thread of any type.

Find more information on how to donate supplies or make blankets at

Women’s Shelter

Since 2007, the Enchanted Makeover organization has created new places for women and children in shelters. The main idea is to empower them and help to develop their creativity and self.expression.

Enchanted Makeover sicks the transformation of cold and unfamiliar spaces into women’s shelters, as well as, rescuing them by providing a warm and comfortable space for the residents.

For more information about this organization, donation and monetary contribution, you can visit

Customs for Kids

Enchanted Makeover also offers a program for kids. The idea was developed by Terry Stahl, and it is called Capes for Kids. It was created to help kids feel special and find the superheroes in them when they are in shelters by providing them customs to promote their imagination and motivate their vision of themselves.

Contact for more information and instructions.

Girls’ Hygiene

Due to some cultural ideas or taboos concerning menstruation, girls around the all over the world are not able to access to sanitary products which make them miss classes, be isolated and face danger and, in some cases, they end up leaving school entirely.

Days for Girls program tries to break this cycle of poverty by giving these girls sustainable feminine hygiene supplies, vital health knowledge, and economic opportunities

More information on how to locate or start your own local Days for Girls volunteer team is found in Plus plenty of helpful instructions and guidance to sew some items.

Alzheimer’s Foundation

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Quilt to Remember the main objective is to bring awareness and make the devastating effects of Alzheimer visible. In this is an ongoing project, all the participants should create quilt panels to pay tribute to those people who have dementia or have passed away.

Help Breast Cancer Patients

The pretty Pocket project is about providing sewed gifts for those breast cancer patients in order to help them ease the pain and discomfort after the surgery.

You can contribute with Pretty Pockets by distributing them to hospitals where you live. To find more information about this project and download the Pretty Pocket pattern visit the website.

Dress a Girl

Hope 4 Women International created a campaign, Dress a Girl Around the World to bring dignity to women and girls at risk all around the world. Its mission is to provide each girl with, at least, a new dress. The project has ambassadors in every part of the world who distribute the dresses.

Everyone can participate by sewing dresses or else donating. At its website, you will encounter instructions and tutorials for sewing the dresses.

First Response

There is a non-profitable organization named Operation First Response which helps wounded veterans and their family. They organize in service to veterans is the OFR Backpack project. These backpacks are filled with supplies and comforting items and sent to combat support hospitals to give to wounded soldiers as they arrive without any personal belongings or suitable clothing.

To learn more about Operation First Response and find out how you can help visit the website.

If you find this information useful and you want to know more about how to contribute to a good cause by sewing your own things, please contact us.

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