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2019 is coming fast, and as a person that enjoys sewing, you should take the time to set some goals regarding your treasured hobby. Do you want to get more projects done, take a bit of a break, or even venture out into a sewing-related business? Whatever your aspirations are, you will need to set appropriate goals. Need a hand with planning? Here are seven examples of sewing resolutions that you can incorporate into your new year.

2019 Sewing Resolutions

1. Use your Talent to Create Homemade Gifts

For holidays and birthdays, you can design and sew gifts that are tailor-made for your family and friends. After all, wouldn’t you rather craft your loved one something personal from your heart instead of endlessly searching the malls for gifts that may or may not fit him or her, literally or stylistically?

2. Take the Time to Join a Sewing Group

Sewing groups give you the time to make friends with like-minded folks who you already have something in common with.

Your sewing peers can also provide you with:

  • Quality tips on techniques,
  • Help with pattern selection or drafting,
  • Design ideas and practices,
  • Helpful sewing advice.

3. Spend some Money on Quality Materials

You deserve the very best, so why not splurge on that fancy machine with all the newest attachments and accessories? Or, you can purchase designer fabrics to create luxurious garments to cherish for years to come! Even your thread deserves an upgrade every once in a while!

4. Devote your Time to Learning Something New

Don’t waste your time sticking strictly to what you know! Take on a new adventure by straying from your comfort zone. All hobbies grow and change with time, so learn the newest goings-on in the sewing world, so you don’t get behind. Join a class or subscribe to a sewing magazine to keep yourself in the loop.

More new things to try:

  • Attempt a new technique,
  • Work with a new presser foot or accessory,
  • Change up your material,
  • Sew a garment that you may be afraid to take on, like jeans, or a winter coat.

5. Wear your Creations Proudly

If you haven’t done so already, perfect sewing resolutions for any amateur seamstress are to sew something for her or himself to wear and brag about it. While you may have made many garments for your children, making something for yourself and wearing it brings about a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. And, even if you are unsure if you can create the types of clothing that you enjoy wearing, you can take the opportunity to expand your horizons and learn something new.

6. Spread your Love of Sewing to Others

You can take the time the time to share your love of sewing and fashion with your friends, spouse, and children. Just think, the hours of enjoyment that you get from sewing may resonate with others in your life. Since it may be a lost art, introducing the younger generation to sewing may be the only exposure that they get to the genre. You can open their eyes up to a potential hobby!

7. Organize and Clean your Sewing Area

A great New Year’s goal for the sewing enthusiast is to clean, organize, and maintain his or her sewing space. It may seem like an organized mess to you, meaning that you know where everything is, but that can become a frustrating way to work over time. Studies have even shown that a cleaner and more organized space can boost mood and creativity!

So, take small steps daily, such as:

  • Sorting your button box,
  • Placing supplies in bins and labeling them,
  • Sweeping the floor of debris every time you sew.

In conclusion, don’t forget your love for sewing when planning your New Year’s resolutions. If you are happy with all that you accomplished last year, that’s great, but now work on building on that. Are you less than pleased with the previous year’s output? Then take the opportunity in 2019 to improve upon your sewing resolutions. Remember, you can do anything you put your mind to! For more ideas, check out our website.

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