Sewing Rooms

For most of us, our sewing space is our happy place!  Whether it’s a small corner of your home, or a dedicated sewing room, it’s a place just for you, where you can let your creativity run wild.  And how you organize and decorate that space is likely just as uniquely you as the sewing projects you take on.  

We’ve asked a few staff members and teachers at The Inspired Sewist to let us have a quick peek into their sewing rooms.  And while each of these sewing rooms may have started as the same blank space – just four walls and a Bernina – we think you’ll agree that each room is as distinct and unique as the inspired sewist who uses them.

See how well you know your staff and teacher friends!  We’ll give you the names of the sewing room owners.  You see if you can figure out which room belongs to which sewist. Comment on your answers below or bring your answers – or your really great guesses – back to the store by August 18.  If your detective skills are good, a prize awaits!  

Our sewists, in alphabetical order, are:

Ingrid Bischoff
Kim Borowy
Carol Irwin
Patti Rue
Nan Wakefield

Best of luck!

Sewing Room #1

Sewing Room #2

Sewing Room #3


Sewing Room #4

Sewing Room #5