Sewing projects

8 Fabulous Fat Quarter Projects to Sew

Do you have a massive pile of fat quarters just hanging around? They're cheap, colorful, and so easy to get your hands on. But they're also fairly small. What could you possibly do with them? Have no fear. Here, there are 8 fabulous fat quarter projects you can use to create gorgeous one of a kind pieces. Super…
Christmas Tree decoration

Five Easy Holiday Sewing Projects

It is December already. If you look around, you are going to find many ornaments and decorations that remind you it almost Christmas time. Most people believe it is a time for reflection, getting together with the family and enjoy the holidays as much as possible. When thinking about preparations…
Young woman sewing on a sewing machine

Why Sewing is Becoming Trendy Again

They say there’s nothing new under the sun. And it’s pretty much true; there are new versions of some things, but most everything is recycled, and everything that’s popular now has been popular at other times in history. However, each thing that comes back into popularity is new to the current…