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If you are looking for something fun to do this fall, then filling your home with different patterns and colors by making fast and easy sewing projects can be a very great idea. There are a lot of sewing ideas that you can try on and in this article, I will show you some ideas for fast fall sewing projects. Let yourself fall in love with this season even more and craft these ideas that you will surely enjoy.

Top Fun Fall Sewing Projects

Isn’t it fun to match the cozy fall setting with a cool sewing project to try on? With a hot cup of coffee and a perfect sewing project, I’m sure your fall will be a lot better. This article has some of the prettiest and best sewing ideas you can easily try while cozying up this fall season. Get your sewing materials ready and read on for fun ideas.

  1. Pumpkin towel

– This kitchen towel looks very nice in your kitchen and with your sewing skills, I’m sure you will be able to embellish a kitchen towel. This has plaid prairie points through the edge which adds color and texture to it. You may use a yellow linen towel to make the acorn towel and use the full-size embroidery pattern as a guide.


  • 22″ square linen towel
  • 7-4-1/2 squares plaids that may come in green, brown, rust, and gold
  • 1/4 yard plaid in black
  • embroidery floss that comes in green, orange, brown, yellow, red, and brown
  • water-soluble pencil or pen
  • embroidery hoop

The size of the finished towel comes in 22×23 1/4″

  1. Modern Maple Pillow

– A contemporary pillow project is a great idea to match the fall colors. This can be a quick project and can be easily sewed. This modern maple pillow can fit perfectly in a 18×18 pillow form.


  • 1/2 yard total that comes in assorted green prints
  • 3/8 yard white print and black-green print
  • 1/4 yard print in black
  • 7/8 yard print in olive green
  • 25″ squared pillow form

The size of the finished pillow comes in 25″ square.

  1. Posh Pumpkins

– This project can be beautifully done on plush fabrics which can be displayed during the fall season. This will surely be enjoyed every year and perfect for the pumpkin season. This pumpkin can be finished through small, medium, and large sizes.


  • 14″ plush fabric square for the large pumpkin, 10″ square for the medium pumpkin and 7″ square for the small pumpkin
  • crochet thread
  • polyester fiberfill
  • poly-pellets
  • glue sticks and hot-glue gun
  • 2″ to 4″ tree branch
  • 10″ to 15″ wire covered with brown paper

The size of the finished pumpkin comes in 5×3″ for large, 3-1/2 x 2-1/2″ for medium and 2-1/2×1-3/4″ for small.

  1. Acorn Pincushion

– These acorn-inspired needlebooks and pincushions is an easy project that can be done this fall and is perfect for holiday gifts this coming season. You may use commercial crafts felt which can be found in craft stores. These are made of polyester and wool so be sure to be careful while pressing this with a hot iron as it can melt your fibers.


  • 6×10″ felt piece in tan
  • 5×10″ felt piece in dark brown
  • 2-1/2×10 felt piece in brown
  • freezer paper
  • embroidery floss that comes in brown and tan
  • polyester fiberfill

The size of the finished pincushion comes in 2-1/2×4-3/4″

  1. Soften the Edges

– These loose-woven curtains that are made up of linen can gracefully climb up your edge and can match the fall season.


  • 1/2 yard print in brown
  • scraps that come in green and brown assorted prints
  • scrap prints in gold
  • two 821/2″ long linen curtain panels that come in green
  • fusible web

The size of the finished product comes in 7×82-1/2″

  1. Dresden Sunflower Table Mat

– By using fabric scraps, you can make and sew a table topper festive sunflower. This can match a great decor for the changing season. You may use varieties of batik fabrics and traditional browns and yellows for this floral project.


  • The Quilt Template for the Dresden Collection
  • marking tools
  • cutter and mat
  • fabric scraps
  • 8-9″ fusible interfacing
  • felt


Craft these fast fall sewing projects to reveal the creativity within you. These are just some project ideas for this coming fall. Gather all your stuff and take your ideas to the next level. I am sure you will come up with a very great project that will match a great decor for your home this season.

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