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Whether you love to create fashion, home decor, or craft projects, BERNINA has just the right sewing machine for anything and everything you love to create.

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Quilters are passionate storytelling artists. Built especially for quilters, BERNINA sewing and quilting machines exceed your wildest quilting dreams.

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Whether you love to sew and embroider or focus solely on embroidery, the best embroidery-capable machines are here to meet your needs.

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Master hand-guided quilting quickly with the assistance of the integrated BERNINA Stitch Regulator. The BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator is simple to activate and simple to customize.

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Sew, cut, and trim – all in one easy step! Handle elastic materials with incredible ease. Plus, perfect seams, inside and out.



BERNINA Sewing accessories let you perform a host of creative techniques with even greater precision and comfort – according to your individual needs.

“My BERNINA never lets me down” — TULA PINK

Quilter and fabric designer

 Tula Pink Talks about BERNINA

Tula Pink expects her machine to consistently perform. She loves the proven stitch quality, unmatched reliability and made-for-the-sewist design only BERNINA offers. You will too. 

BERNINA Sewing Machine Questions & Answers

The purchase of a sewing machine always pays off and is sustainable. Repairing seams, hemming trousers, patching holes and sewing on buttons … those of you with children already know how handy having your own sewing machine can be. But it’s not just daily sewing that can be completed in a blink of an eye. Your own creative ideas can be designed and accomplished as well. The selection of materials is enormous; whether colorful or monochrome prints made of cotton, jersey, denim, or fine silk, the possibilities are infinite and can be turned into unique creative pieces in your very own sewing room. Not only is sewing fun, but it also provides relaxation and a way to slow down our hectic lives. Children and teens will also enjoy having a creative hobby with wearable results: a simple skirt, a t-shirt, or accessories such as bags or pillows… something that is handmade holds value not only to the person who made it, but also to the person who receives it as a gift. The personal touch counts!

So you have decided to buy a sewing machine. What a great idea! You will be able to perform your own sewing tasks easily and efficiently at home in the very near future. But what is important to know when buying a sewing machine? First you must ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will you just be repairing items once in a while, or would you like to get creative and sew something unique?
  • Which functions are important to you? For instance, different buttonhole stitches, heavy duty sewing or a large selection of ornate decorative stitches.
  • Do you want a machine do patchwork and quilting work? Or one for embroidery?
  • How much room do you have at home? Will you be able to leave the machine set up, or will you have to put it away after each use?
  • What kind of budget do you have available?

There are sewing machines for every price range. You have to bear in mind, however, that the extremely cheap models available at discount retailers may not live up to your expectations. And it would be a shame if your newfound passion for a hobby quickly fizzled as a result. Premium sewing machines easily work with diverse materials and sew beautiful stitches thanks to powerful motors and high-quality hooks. They also allow you to avoid loops, loose threads, irregular thread tension and seams, and thread breakages. Just as with all other electrical household appliances, the same rule applies: good quality comes at a price, but it always pays off in the end. Buy the right one from the start.

The better care you take of your sewing machine, the longer it will bring you joy. But how exactly does one take care of a sewing machine? What do you do? What can and can’t you do yourself? And how often?
It fundamentally depends on how often you use your sewing machine and how intensively you pursue your hobby. Dust and fluff should be removed from the sewing machine after each use, since working with materials and threads quickly produces dust that can settle in the hook of the sewing machine and in the feed dog, resulting in skipped stitches or unsightly knots in the bobbin thread. A simple and very efficient method is to use a vacuum cleaner. If you open the clasp of the hook on your (turned off!) BERNINA sewing machine, you can use the vacuum cleaner hose (best without the attachment) to thoroughly clean the entire area around the hook and easily remove the remaining thread and fluff. Do the same from above the stitch plate, which allows you to remove the residual fluff from the feed dog so you can once again work in a clean environment. Cleaning is important, but so is oiling the machine from time to time. If you also embroider with your sewing machine, you must oil it often because the machine is put under more stress with the high speeds than it is when performing simple sewing work.

You must place the oil on the proper site on the hook. One drop of sewing machine oil is enough to make the system run smoothly again. It is important that you don’t use just any sewing machine oil, because different hook systems on different machines require different oil. Ask your specialized dealer beforehand! When applying oil, be sure that you distribute the oil well while the machine is at rest and let the machine run (without needle and thread) by pressing on the foot control. After you have oiled your sewing machine, you will first want to sew a little on a piece of test fabric to ensure that oil residue is not leaking out that could stain your precious materials you bought for your new creations.

Many different accessories are included when you purchase a BERNINA sewing machine, such as presser feet or soles (depending on the model), bobbins, seam ripper, brush, and oil. Presser feet or soles are usually required for general sewing work, such as zippers, buttonholes, or blind hemming. They are included in the delivery package with your BERNINA sewing machine, depending on the model. Another useful accessory is the freearm slide-on extension table. It expands the sewing surface, which makes working on large sewing projects or working with difficult materials significantly easier. Freearm slide-on tables are sometimes included in the delivery and sometimes are available as an optional accessory. Freearm refers to the exposed part of the sewing machine arm. This is the area that also has an open section underneath so that you can work on closed items, such as trouser legs, sleeves, cuffs, or even smaller items like children’s t-shirts.

There are, of course, countless optional accessories to equip your sewing machine with. Unique accessories have been developed for various applications to make life easier for the hobbyist and the professional sewist alike. Whether it’s a binder attachment, a jeans presser foot, a darning foot, a gathering foot, a button sew-on foot, a quilting foot, a pin tuck foot, an embroidery foot, a patchwork foot, a piping foot, or a couching foot – the list is far from complete. But there is more to offer than presser feet. There are also spool holders, needle plates for special applications, as well as the knee lifter for the legendary BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) available for purchase. The knee lifter allows you to raise or lower the presser foot while simultaneously lowering the feed dog without having to take your hands off the sewing project – everything is controlled by moving your knee.

There are different ways to find the right accessories for your sewing machine. You will find every kind of accessory for your sewing machine online in the BERNINA Accessories Search. Alternatively, you can contact a BERNINA authorized dealer or flip through the BERNINA accessories catalog. There is nothing that does not exist. The selection is vast and investing in additional accessories for special applications is worth it. Accessories not only make sewing easier, but they make your sewing projects more professional and your sewing machine more valuable.

Why should you buy a sewing machine from BERNINA? Because for more than 125 years we have focused our passion into developing sewing and embroidery machines of the highest quality.

The BERNINA name has always been synonymous with robustness and durability. Quality is evident in the precision of the stitches and the high needle penetration power when sewing thick fabrics.Our machines are tested extensively before leaving our factory. And we remain available to provide support and advice after purchase. Our authorized dealers receive regular product training so that they can provide expert assistance to our customers.

A wealth of exclusive and innovative functions and features and simple, intuitive operation sets BERNINA sewing machines apart from all others. They guarantee simple and intuitive operation despite the highly complex technology and open up a world of new possibilities for your creative ideas. Almost all BERNINA models feature a touch screen that lets you keep track of your settings at a glance and functions like a modern smartphone. And many things run automatically! The automatic foot lifter automatically lowers the foot when you start sewing and raises it at the touch of a button. The automatic presser foot pressure feature ensures that the presser foot has the ideal pressure for the selected stitch. The default setting can be adjusted for specific materials. And the automatic thread cutter trims the thread and lifts the needle and presser foot with just the touch of a button. What service!

But there are even more exclusive features from BERNINA! The BERNINA Hook is one of the best ideas to come from our Swiss engineers. With up to a 9 mm stitch width, the BERNINA Hook allows you to sew precisely and quietly for even longer stretches without interruption thanks to the jumbo-sized bobbin. The BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension also deserves to be mentioned. This great innovation from BERNINA ensures the ideal thread tension as you sew, helping you to achieve perfect stitch quality on both sides of the fabric. After you set the thread tension for the thread and fabric, the BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension continuously checks it as you sew, adjusting it unobtrusively and automatically whenever necessary. The result: the finest sewing and embroidery quality, with no need to even press a button. The BERNINA Dual Feed is especially helpful when sewing delicate materials. When activated, the Dual Feed feeds the material from both the top and bottom, letting you sew difficult fabrics evenly and carefully.

One of the most revolutionary BERNINA presser feet for regular stitches with variable speed is the BERNINA Stitch Regulator. Thanks to modern sensor technology, it is particularly suited for freehand sewing, i.e. sewing with a lowered feed dog. It ensures a perfect stitch result when sewing straight and zigzag stitches. The BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) is also one of BERNINA’s exclusives. The knee lever lowers the feed dog and raises the presser foot simultaneously so that both hands are free to guide and manoeuvre the fabric. If embroidery is your passion, then Pinpoint Placement is an important function for you. It helps you precisely position and align embroidery motifs on the fabric. The Smart Secure function conveniently adds tie-on/off stitches to a design if none are pre-programmed. And the Invisible Secure makes the perfected tie-on/off formation completely invisible. The cutting of jump stitches at every length can be set individually. All of this and much more is par for the course for a BERNINA!

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