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The beginning of a new year presents a perfect opportunity to set sewing resolutions. Whether you sew professionally or as a hobby, goals will help you. Beginner sewists and those who have been doing it for years can all use the New Year’s momentum to propel them forward. Be sure to write doable, focused resolutions that you can measure. Doing so will allow you to avoid ambiguity and help you tangibly see your progress. Do you sew mainly for yourself or others? Choose goals that push the envelope of your comfort zone. Popular resolutions not purchasing additional fabric, immersing yourself in a project, developing new skills, sewing with a purpose, completing a specific number of projects, experimenting with new materials, and developing a new attitude about sewing. Each of these goals presents particular challenges and rewards. By setting one or more sewing resolutions, you will quickly become a better sewist, eager to show off your new skills!

January 2020 brings about a new year and a new decade! There’s no better time to set your sewing resolutions. Use this time to start right with a clean slate.

No More Fabric

A common problem plagues many sewists: too much fabric! We say we won’t buy anymore but come home with an armload. Instead of banning yourself from buying anything, set limits. When we tell ourselves no, we create an unsustainable urge to do it! Address your core problem. Set a goal to purchase fabric for projects only or to use one cloth before buying another.

Eliminate Distractions and Obstacles

Often we sit down to sew and then remember something we need to do or the phone rings. So many things can distract us from the task at hand!

Avoid falling into this trap by being in the moment when you sew. Dedicate a specific time and place to sew. Take a moment to visualize the project before you begin.

Tackle a New Project Monthly

If you store your inspiration on Pinterest, online bookmarks, or even printed patterns, set a goal to tackle one per month or even week! Look for progress, not perfection. It may take a few tries to get it right, but it will be worth it in the end! Learn from your mistakes and be creative.

Take Advantage of Classes

If you’ve purchased online classes, set aside time each week to watch a video. You can also find local stores that offer lessons for all levels of experience. Growing your sewing skills is a never-ending process. Also, you can easily mark your progress as you obtain new abilities. Make learning more enjoyable by finding a friend or mentor who enjoys sewing!

Set Specific Project Goals

Sit down and think about your project goals. Perhaps you want to sew your family members a Christmas present. Next, break this goal into smaller steps. Think about how many gifts you will need to make. What type? How long will it take you? Then expand this to actions. How many do you need to complete per month?

Sew With a Purpose

Focus on specific projects or skills when setting your goals. Planning your projects will guide you in which skills you need to learn or perfect. It will also help eliminate the over-buying of fabric and notions. As you hone in on a set of projects, you can sew more mindfully and spend additional time on the pieces you love.

Select a Specific Number of Projects to Complete

What one item do you want to make? A pair of jeans, a button-up shirt, or holiday throw pillows might be at the top of your list. Whatever it is, aim to make a specific number this year. Maybe you want to make one a month. Consider the skills necessary to complete your project and learn them!

Try New Fabrics

A quick trip to the craft store shows you that many different materials exist with which to work! Cotton, knit, and poly-blends are just the beginning. Break out the fabrics you’ve been too intimidated to try. If it’s a nice one you don’t want to mess up, buy a cheaper version on which to practice. You can often find materials on sale or at a thrift store to repurpose.

Develop a New Mindset

Take time at the beginning of the year to evaluate your mindset in regards to sewing. Why do you sew? What do you hope to accomplish? You may need to adjust the way you think to achieve your vision. First, you must set a plan in place with specific, obtainable steps. Then move from thinking to doing!

Choose a few of these sewing new years resolutions that you would like to complete in 2020. Make a plan and then take the first step! If you’d like more information on sewing, contact us.

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